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Which Packers player was the biggest failure in living up to high expectations?

One name probably stands out more than any other for older generations of Packers fans, but there are a number of reasonable options over the past 25 years as well.

Tony Mandarich

As this week goes along, we will continue discussing questions about the Green Bay Packers over lunch time, and today’s question revolves around expectations. Here’s your question to ponder:

What player, past or present, did you have the highest hopes for but didn't live up to your expectations?

For Packers fans around in 1989, this might be a very simple question. In that year’s draft, the Packers selected offensive tackle Tony Mandarich from Michigan State with the second overall pick. Mandarich was a massive human being and was coming off a draft season that saw him on the covers of multiple publications. However, he was a bust, lasting just three years in Green Bay.

Adding insult to injury was the success of the players drafted around him. In fact, Mandarich is the only player in the top five of that draft who is not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The other four players? Troy Aikman (1st overall), Barry Sanders (3rd), Derrick Thomas (4th), and Deion Sanders (5th).

However, Mandarich is hardly the only player to fail to live up to massive expectations, and his presence likely was over before many of our readers were alive (or at least were able to have expectations of NFL players). In that case, would you go for another top draft picks who flamed out of the NFL, such as offensive tackle John Michels, defensive tackle Justin Harrell, or cornerback Ahmad Carroll? How about a big free agent signings like Joe Johnson?

Let us know which player let you down the most.