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Packers Free Agency 2017: Eddie Lacy’s injury makes return more likely

Only the Packers really know how Lacy’s rehab is going, and a report today suggests he should be back in 2017.

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky reported on Tuesday morning that Eddie Lacy and the Green Bay Packers have expressed mutual interest in bringing the talented runner back into the fold. The amount of money he would likely get on the open market is fairly low for a runner of his pedigree, and Lacy says that the Packers “have been very vocal” about re-signing him. It is quite possible that the grim details of Lacy’s injury have something to do with both of these factors. This passage from Demovsky’s article addresses that particular issue:

I messed up my deltoid and widened the bone on my ankle, so I had to get two screws, two wires and a plate to fix it because I messed up my deltoid ligament,” Lacy said. “That’s the longest thing to heal.”

As a young, talented player at one of football’s less-important positions, it was always likely that Lacy was going to price himself out of Ted Thompson’s plans. However, Lacy is still rehabilitating in the pool and not running on normal surfaces. Long-term injuries are an extra concern for Lacy, who needs to work to stay in shape, and ankle trouble can be very bad for a bigger back. Still, all of these scratches and dents could work to the Packers’ advantage as they have more information on Lacy than anyone else in the league.

As Demovsky points out, Spotrac has Lacy’s current market value at under $3 Million per season. If he is able to rehab to 100% before the season, that would be an absolute bargain. Injuries regularly cost NFL players huge money and this is an unfortunate development for Lacy, but as a complement to Ty Montgomery he is an excellent fit. Bringing back Lacy would solve a depth issue and would likely save an early draft pick for something more valuable.