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APC Podcast, March 15th: Free Agency Fracas

Alex Petakas, Zach Rapport and guest host Nick Bornheimer offer lukewarm takes on the first week of free agency, bidding goodbye to a few long-time Green Bay players.

The first wave of free agency has come and gone, and what a doozy it was. Thankfully, the APC Pod crew is here to talk you through it with our lukewarm takes on everything related to the last week's craziness.

  • Are the Packers actually doing anything different in free agency this year?
  • Are there comparisons to be made between the Packers and the Patriots?
  • What are the biggest holes that now need addressing in the aftermath?
  • Will Alex ever learn how to change the email associated with his Twitter account?

We wrestle with all these questions and more on this offseason edition of the APC Podcast.

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