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Cheese Curds, 3/16: Packers prepare for 2017 NFL draft as free agency slows

Ted Thompson attended Wisconsin's Pro Day on Wednesday, a sign that he is turning his attention back towards April's NFL Draft.

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NFL: San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

For a team that typically lays low during the first week of free agency, the Packers have been surprisingly active this off-season by signing veterans like Martellus Bennett and Davon House. Unfortunately, bringing on Bennett and House means losing free agents like TJ Lang, Eddie Lacy and Jared Cook, among many others.

Now, with the 2017 draft just a few weeks away, the Packers are beginning to look ahead to their selections. By bringing back House, Thompson has alleviated some of the pressure to draft a CB in the first round. House brings the veteran, experienced depth the Packers desperately needed in that position and makes signing a big name cornerback less critical.

Instead, the Packers are likely to focus on the linebacker position early with Clay Matthews aging and Julius Peppers now out of Green Bay as well. Likewise, with Eddie Lacy moving on to Seattle, it’s possible the Packers will opt to draft another running back as a number two to Ty Montgomery in a later round.

All of this is still obvious speculation, but with free agency slowing down let’s take a look at what’s happening in Green Bay and around the league.

Davon House relishes chance to play his game again |

After a strong first year in Jacksonville, CB Davon House struggled to keep pace with the changing defense in year two. Now, back in Green Bay, House plans to up his game and ‘get physical’ with receivers.

Eddie Lacy's weight hasn't held him back | ESPN

Despite a strong desire to remain in Green Bay, Eddie Lacy struggled to maintain his weight toward the end of last season. With Ty Montgomery emerging as a strong running back alternative as the season went on, it seemed less and less likely that Lacy was going to have a spot in Green Bay come 2017. Although his weight was an issue in Green Bay, it doesn’t seem (so far) like it will hold him back in Seattle.

Elliott 'in thick of things' with Packers | JSOnline

When it came to his decision to remain in Green Bay, Jayrone Elliott had a tough time making the Pittsburgh that is. The LB was all but signed with the Steelers when he decided to re-sign with the Packers on a one-year, $1.6M deal and pass up the three-year offer in Pittsburgh.

Don Cheadle is a huge Davon House fan |

Same, Don. Same.

Terence Newman agrees to contract to re-sign with Vikings | Bleacher Report

The Vikings’ veteran CB announced that he will stay in Minnesota for at least one more year. At 38-years old, Newman was mulling over the idea of retirement at the end of last season but ultimately decided that “his body is still able to play again.”

Darrell Revis charges from alleged assault dismissed by Judge | Bleacher Report

Former Jets’ CB Darrelle Revis was looking at two counts of felony aggravated assault for an incident that occurred in Pittsburgh several weeks ago before the charges were dismissed yesterday. Revis was released by the Jets and is now a free agent.