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Packers Free Agent Odds: Over/Unders on Martellus Bennett & Eddie Lacy stats

Vegas will take your money on just about anything, and now that includes the stats that some big free agent signings will put up in 2017.

NFL: New England Patriots at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

With the first week of free agency in the books, some of the big activities that have gone on around the NFL are now available at the Las Vegas sportsbooks as well. Bovada is now taking odds on over/unders for several players who have switched teams in the past week; one player mentioned is a new member of the Green Bay Packers, while another is one who departed for another team about 48 hours ago.

Martellus Bennett was the Packers’ big free agent signing, and his receiving stats in 2017 are up for discussion, while Eddie Lacy’s rushing numbers are out there for bets as well now that he is a member of the Seattle Seahawks.

Martellus Bennett

Over/under receiving yards: 600
Over/under receiving touchdowns: 5.5

In the past five seasons, Bennett has exceeded 600 yards four times, and the one time that he did not, he missed five games with an injury. Touchdowns are a little more varied; he scored 6 or more twice in that span (2014 and 2016), compared to three seasons with between 3 and 5 scores.

Eddie Lacy

Over/under rushing yards: 950
Over/under rushing touchdowns: 7.5

Lacy of course got off to a great start in 2016, but was shut down with injury and finished with just 360 yards. In 2015, he missed just one game but was highly ineffective, coming in with 758 yards. That contrasts with his first two years, when he was over 1,100 yards each season. Those trends are the same for touchdowns; he scored 11 as a rookie and 9 in his second year, but just 3 and zero the past two seasons.

Super Bowl

In addition, the Packers’ odds to win Super Bowl LII have gotten longer. Just after Super Bowl LI, the Packers were pegged at 9:1, but they are now at 10:1 after the latest update.

Let us know where you would stand with Bennett’s and Lacy’s stats for 2017 in the comments.