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Former Packer Jared Cook gets asked about his catch against the Cowboys “every day”

The former Packer will probably remember one play above all others from his one year in Green and Gold.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Jared Cook’s career with the Green Bay Packers has come to an end. Cook signed a two-year, $12.2 million contract with the Oakland Raiders on Thursday, officially closing the book on his brief tenure wearing Green and Gold.

Cook’s regular season in 2016 was marred by an injury that cost him six games, and he had just one reception in four of the ten games that he did suit up for. However, his final six games (including playoffs) in a Packers uniform were terrific. In that span, he caught a total of 31 passes for 407 yards and two touchdowns, both of which came in the playoffs.

However, there will be no question about which play was his biggest: his 35-yard reception in the NFC Divisional Playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys that set up Mason Crosby’s game-winning field goal.

In a press conference with Raiders media, the transcript of which was provided to APC by SB Nation’s Silver & Black Pride, Cook was asked about that catch and had a great response which shows that he does not appear to have any ill will towards the Packers:

Q: How many times have people asked you about your sideline catch against the Cowboys?

Cook: “I probably hear about it every day. (laughter) It was such a huge catch in a huge moment and to keep our hopes alive in the playoffs last year. I hear about it in the grocery store, in the airport, at the playground from some little kids. You constantly hear about it. It was a huge game for us to win down in Dallas against a really good Dallas team.”

That catch will be talked about in Wisconsin for years to come, with Cook and quarterback Aaron Rodgers both going down in the annals of great plays. It is also sure to make an appearance on APC’s Top Plays of 2016 countdown later this offseason.

For now, Cook is headed to Oakland, but he will always be remembered in Green Bay for that one catch.