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Cheese Curds, 3/24: Which draft prospects can bring speed, explosiveness to Packers' defense?

This year's free agent moves (and non-moves) demonstrate some of the qualities that Green Bay is looking for to improve their defense.

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The Green Bay Packers' defense still needs help. That much is certain, even after signing a couple of free agents from other teams in Davon House and Ricky Jean-Francois and bringing back Nick Perry on a long-term contract. How can the team best improve that unit, however?

One Packers writer sees physical explosiveness as the key, and the quality that the team is looking at most prominently this offseason. Given the moves that we have seen, it's a plausible theory, and one that sets up well given the crop of draft prospects available (something we seem to keep saying throughout this process). With just under five weeks to go until the Draft, the book is now pretty much out there on players' skills; it's a matter of trying to figure out where those players fit on the draft board that is the biggest challenge.

In today's curds, we look at a few of the explosive athletes in the draft, as well as find a look at the inspiration for this blog's name and much more.

That's why they call it draft and develop |
Wes Hodkiewicz takes the mailbag this week, and reminds us all to be patient with some of the Packers' recent draft picks; after all, Jordy Nelson and Nick Collins didn't become stars until their fourth seasons.

Packers' emphasis on explosiveness |
If explosiveness is the name of the game for improving the Packers' defense, then T.J. Watt fits that strategy perfectly.

Non-Power-5 edge prospects worth noting | PFF
Many of the names on this list are well-known, like Haason Reddick and Derek Rivers, who are also explosive athletes. However, keep an eye on Arkansas' Deatrich Wise, who at 6'5" and 274 pounds could be a candidate for the Packers' elephant position.

The Acme Packers were short-lived |
Ever wonder how extensive the involvement was between the football team and the real Acme Packing Company? Check out this great history from team historian Cliff Christl.

Who is the biggest threat to the Packers in the NFC North? - NFL Videos
There are probably plenty of fans who agree with Marc Sessler, who says the Packers themselves can be their own biggest threat.

Mark Sanchez signs with Bears in a move that just feels right -
YES. Hopefully we'll get Buttfumble 2.0 in a Bears uniform.

Reuben Foster: His Talent, His Upbringing and Questions | The MMQB with Peter King
If anybody tells you they know when the Alabama linebacker will be drafted, they're lying. Everything on the field looks great; seemingly everything off of it is a question mark.