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Giants owner John Mara awaits bill from Packers for Odell Beckham’s locker room hole

Why hasn’t the Packers’ president asked the Giants to pay up yet?!

NFL: New York Giants-Ben McAdoo Press Conference Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most amusing storylines of the NFC Playoffs this season was the aftermath of the Green Bay Packers’ win over the New York Giants in the Wild Card Round. After that game, Giants receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. punched a hole in the wall of the visitor’s locker room at Lambeau Field.

Much was made about that hole, and it quickly became the subject of countless jokes, and memes around social media. Here’s the original photo of the hole:

In the days following the punch, Giants GM Jerry Reese said that the team would hold Beckham responsible for it. However, at the NFL’s owners meetings today, Giants owner John Mara went a step further in discussing the arrangements for the repair:

Granted, the cost of filling in a little bit of drywall is pretty minuscule for a huge operation like an NFL team. Still, this makes for an amusing continuation of this story. Hopefully Murphy will give Mara that bill this week so this situation can finally be put to rest!