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Cheese Curds, 3/30: Picking Mike McCarthy's brain on Matthews, Bennett, offense

Green Bay's head coach spoke on a multitude of topics on Wednesday at the NFL owners meeting.

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It's not often that Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy gets to talk to the media in a relaxed setting. He is trotted out before the media multiple times each week during the season to take questions, and he does so almost every day in training camp as well. It must be a grueling grind, hearing the same prompts over and over, and you can understand that there are certain instances in which he just wants to let some thoughts out and relax.

It seems that McCarthy is able to do that during the offseason, particularly during his sessions with local media during the Scouting Combine and at the coaches' breakfast at the NFL owners meeting. The NFC coaches had their breakfast on Wednesday, the final day of the meeting, and in his discussions McCarthy gave a pretty candid look at the events of the last few weeks, how they will affect the Packers' offense, and much more.

Take a look through several recaps of his comments in the curds below, and stick around for more NFL news coming out of the meetings.

Packers' offense poised to reach the next level |
One of the comments that McCarthy gave that helps illustrate his approach to formations is that he focuses on one running back and two-back concepts separately. He also discussed the struggles that Aaron Rodgers went through in 2015 and discussed how he adjusted to multiple injuries and different personnel throughout the 2016 season.

Mike McCarthy bonded with Martellus Bennett's 'creative' personality |
Apparently the head coach is a creative guy himself, and is surrounded with creative individuals in his family. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that he and Bennett got along well during the tight end's visit.

Mike McCarthy wants to keep moving Clay Matthews around the field | Packers Wire
You have to give Mike credit: he's sticking to his guns on this one. He told us the same thing at the Scouting Combine - that Matthews will be used a lot both inside and outside - and that plan clearly has not changed.

The Packers leave no stone unturned in the scouting process |
<3 you, Wes. When responding to the question that asked "Do you think next year is the year the Packers draft their QB of the future, or is he on the roster now?", he responded "His name is Aaron Rodgers."

13 things you might have missed from the 2017 NFL owners meeting -
Doug Pederson's comment about Carson Wentz is probably the funniest thing I have seen all week.

Most-improved defensive players in 2016 | PFF
Interesting - Mario Williams' grade actually increased significantly last season, to a point where it suggests that he could be a useful situational pass rusher.

NFL coaches want more offseason time with players | The MMQB with Peter King
The current CBA expires in 2020, and expect the league's coaches to push for more practices and more time with players in the team facilities under the next agreement.