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The APC Podcast: 2017 NFL Draft Preview, Part 2 with Owen Riese

APC resident Draft guru Owen Riese talks offensive line prospects and more.

Leading up to the NFL Draft, the APC Pod crew will be releasing a three-part Pod-a-palooza, chocked full of insights and nuggets from draftniks who know way more than we do about football. Last week, we chatted with the incomparable Justis Mosqueda, who dropped some serious knowledge (When you're done with this episode, check that one out here). For part two, we're excited to chat with APC's own resident Draft guru, Owen Riese. An offensive lineman at the college level, Owen shares his thoughts on this 0-line class, as well some general offensive musings.

Next week, we'll wrap our draft series with our corporate overlord Evan "Tex" Western. Stay tuned for that!

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Today's guest was APC's own Owen Riese. Check him out on twitter @RieseDraft.