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Packers Martellus Bennett and Mike Daniels have the NFL’s best Twitter bromance

Suddenly there is another reason to love the Bennett signing.

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This morning, Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Mike Daniels went on the NFL Network to discuss the team’s upcoming season. The Packers’ offseason workout schedule begins next week, so this is the last opportunity for many players to get some face time in with the media prior to holing up at the team facilities until minicamp concludes in mid-June.

Daniels, who co-hosted the “Good Morning Football” morning show on Thursday, had the following to say about his new teammate, Martellus Bennett:

Here are a couple of the great quotes from Daniels during this segment, talking about Bennett:

He’s got a fire in him that’s great for the team. I saw a clip from when he was with the Bears, and I think a younger defensive back must have gotten a little too physical with him. And he picked up this kid, slammed him, and roughed him up. I said ‘that’s the guy I want in camp.’ Because he’s going to create some great competition, he’s going to make everybody have to step their game up to match his energy, match his intensity. And when you have that in camp, that is going to translate ... on to the football field.

I might have to go play guard just to line up next to him!

As for their interactions, there actually haven’t been any in person yet, Daniels said:

I’m already looking forward to playing with him. I can’t wait to meet him. I shook his hand after games before, but haven’t had a chance to really meet him.

That didn’t stop the two from suddenly becoming best friends on Twitter. Bennett, who clearly watches GMFB given his responses to Peter Schrager, tweeted the following early this afternoon:

When Daniels responded, Bennett dropped the mother of all tweets in relation to how it feels to win a Super Bowl:

Good lord, that is an incredible description.

These guys are just the best. Based on this interaction, I assume that their first meeting next week will play out like this: