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Cheese Curds 4/13: Packers have several problem areas to address in the Draft

Today’s curds take another spin through the Packers’ needs, particularly on offense.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers hit the ground running this year in free agency and to everyone’s surprise made the big move of signing TE Martellus Bennett. Scoring Bennett is a big upgrade from Jared Cook (despite what some analysts say) and is a huge weapon for Aaron Rodgers to have at his disposal.

However, the biggest issues still remain on defense. The secondary was a huge problem area last season and if the Packers hope to make it to the Super Bowl this year, they’ll have to address that in the draft.

Unfortunately, with the loss of T.J. Lang on the offensive line, the Packers have another important spot to fill on the roster. As it stands, it’s looking like Don Barclay will step in to replace Lang, however it’s likely the Packers will draft someone to either start in front of Barclay or compete for his spot in the lineup. Either way, Ted Thompson has several positions to look out for if the Packers stand any chance of getting Aaron Rodgers another ring.

Green Bay Packers Draft Needs: Offensive Line | Bleacher Report

Despite having a strong offensive line last year, the Packers are looking at entering this season with some glaring holes. One of the bigger contributors to Rodgers MVP-like season last year was the protection he was getting from his O-line and this will be an area the Packers will need to consider heavily in the draft.

Martellus Bennett on Switching QBs |

Last season, Martellus Bennett had the privilege of playing with Tom Brady, one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever step foot onto an NFL field. Now, he’ll be getting the opportunity to play with yet another historic quarterback. In an interview with, Bennett humorously said the move was “like leaving J. Lo and going to Halle Berry.” You get the picture.

Aaron Rodgers Apparently Wants to Follow Tony Romo’s Lead | Bleacher Report

When Tony Romo recently announced he was stepping away from football for a career in broadcasting, it was the biggest news to hit NFL headlines in weeks. But the former Cowboys QB was buzzing once again when he warmed up with the Dallas Mavericks and joked about taking the court on Tuesday.

It turns out Romo isn’t the only one wanting a place in the hoop game.

Christian McCaffrey Could be Ty Montgomery 2.0 | ESPN

We’ve already looked at several areas of concern the Packers are going to be (hopefully) filling during this year’s draft. Yet another one of those positions is the running back spot. Although Ty Montgomery stepped in and was a big contributor to the offense when Eddie Lacy got hurt, it’s difficult to gauge whether or not he will be the long term solution.

Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney Dies at the Age of 84 | Bleacher Report

It was announced that Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney, son of Steelers founder Art Rooney, died yesterday. Rooney was a loved by many in the game and has been active in the NFL community in various capacities for decades. Rooney was also appointed as US Ambassador to Ireland by President Barack Obama.

Former teammate explains why Jay Cutler still hasn't been signed | For the Win

Jay Culter may be enjoying his time off from football but it’s still semi-surprising that he hasn’t been signed by any teams looking for a QB. After all, even Brock Osweiler is on a roster...for now.

Could it be time for Cutler to hang up his cleats? The odds (and naked backside Instagram pictures) are saying that might be the best option.