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Cheese Curds, 4/17: Offseason workouts begin and anonymous scout quotes have arrived

Green Bay players report for workouts tomorrow, and we have the first in-depth look inside the mind of scouts.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Two things are getting underway this week. The Green Bay Packers are joining most NFL teams in beginning phase one of spring workout programs (although the Packers' program begins 24 hours after most other teams). This portion of the season marks the first time that teams are all together at once, which also means that players who have changed teams in free agency will start to get acquainted with their new teammates.

For Mike Daniels and Martellus Bennett, it should be a fun meeting.

Meanwhile, we are just 10 days away from round one of the 2017 NFL Draft, and we find one of the treasure troves of each year's draft coverage beginning: Bob McGinn's series quoting anonymous scouts. These comments are often stunning, as they give you a look inside the mind of a scout when he knows his name will not be associated with his words. The first set of quotes doesn't really have anything shocking, but keep an eye out for more as the next few days roll along.

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Most teams get underway today; however, the Packers will wait until Tuesday to begin their workouts. Click here for the full offseason workout schedule.

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Bob McGinn is back with his scouting reports from anonymous scouts around the league, which always make for entertaining reading. This edition gets underway with comments on players who either played high school or college ball in the state of Wisconsin.

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Here's the breakdown of one particularly fun scout quote. There's obviously a lot of projection going on here, though.

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Brockington was terrific for his first few years in Green Bay, but his career fizzled out after that. He also clearly was not a fan of head coach Dan Devine.

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For one thing, it would make their jobs easier by not making them interpret a poorly-defined rule on the fly.

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The one consistent comment about Blandino's tenure as head of officiating is that he was honest and willing to admit when he and his referees made mistakes. Let's just hope that Jeff Triplette isn't up for consideration as his replacement.