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The APC Podcast: 2017 NFL Draft Preview, Part 3 with Tex Western

Part three of our three-pod draft series. The big boss, Tex Western stops by to talk secondary prospects, as well as some notes from his time at the NFL Combine.

Welcome to part three of our three-pod NFL Draft series. Over the past few weeks, we've chatted with the incomparable Justis Mosqueda as well as APC's own Own Riese about what fans might expect from Ted Thompson on draft weekend—and we've learned a ton! You can listen to parts one and two here. For our final pre-draft installment, we chatted with APC's managing editor Tex Western about the Packers' needs in the secondary, and if any rookies-to-be fit the bill.

After the draft, you can look forward to more podcast nonsense from the team here at the APC Pod. As we enter the newsless valley of darkness in the NFL mediascape that is May and June, we'll be here for you! To stay up to date on the latest from us, follow the show on Twitter @theAPCpod. As always, remember to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes, via RSS, or on our BlogTalkRadio page to get the show delivered straight to your ears. If you like what we're doing, please give us a rating on iTunes!

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Today's guest was APC's own Tex Western. Check him out on twitter @TexWestern.