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Cheese Curds, 4/18: Quarterbacks will affect Packers' Draft decision at #29 overall

Green Bay doesn't need a signal-caller, but we think how the first-round QBs fall will help determine what the team does with the 29th pick.

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When the Green Bay Packers end up on the clock with the 29th pick, the quarterbacks remaining on the board will be a major factor in their decision. No, the Packers certainly are not taking a quarterback in round one, not with a two-time MVP who is still in his prime as a starter and an entrenched backup option who has continued to develop.

No, if there are one or more quarterbacks who fall on draft day and are surprisingly still available at pick 29, expect the Packers to start holding an auction for that selection. QBs are at a premium in the NFL, and teams love to have the fifth-year option available to them if they draft one in the first round. Even more significant is the fact that the value of the option drops once you get out of the first ten picks, so teams in that top ten might try to pass on QBs in the hopes that they can move back into the back end of the first.

If that happens, look for the Packers to field plenty of offers to slide back a few picks and add another selection or two on day two or three. In today's Curds, we take a look at the QB position, find some possible trade projections, and much more about this year's Draft.

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Some of these quotes are hilarious in retrospect. For example: "He's a system quarterback. 3-, 5-, 7-step guy. Can't create on his own. Panics under pressure. Gets flustered easy."

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That probably will not change during the draft, but it would be a surprise if the Packers choose not to sign a rookie free agent quarterback so Mike McCarthy can have his ideal number of four during spring practices.

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Some of these trades would be great for the Packers. Personally, I love the idea of trading with the Chargers, moving back nine spots and adding a third-round pick.

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The fun part will be if multiple teams who need QBs (like the Browns and 49ers for example) don't land signal-callers in round one. They could be strongly tempted to move back into the end of round one and still get the fifth-year option without blowing a top-15 pick on a prospect with loads of uncertainty.

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Remember when we mentioned Robert Davis as a Jeff Janis clone? He's in here, along with APC favorite Bucky Hodges and presumptive top pick Myles Garrett.

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This is now the third option that has been picked up, as Martin joins Aaron Donald (Rams) and Mike Evans (Bucs).