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Packers Mock Draft 2017: 7-round mock, “one week until Draft night” Edition

We land a trade down out of the 1st round for the Packers in this final simulation.

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With only 8 days until the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, we’ve come through hell and high water, and we’ve weathered the takes. It’s almost time for the chips to drop, and actually find out what players will be going where.

For this simulation, I used, a very nice website with a fun draft game. Disclaimer: I don’t care if you don’t think a player will or won’t actually be where I selected them in this mock, (my opinion likely mirrors yours), but I play the game how it lands.

Our hermano Justis Mosqueda (@JuMosq) has been doing the Lord’s work over at with Ted Thompson’s positional athletic thresholds, and this exercise was done with said thresholds in mind. NOT ALL PICKS line up with this, but most do.

Now that I’ve gotten my 24-year old “Get off my lawn” out of the way, here we are: one final mock for all the marbles.

Round 2 Pick 6 (38th overall) - Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU, 5’11” 192

In this scenario, at 29 the options weren’t there, so to avoid reaching, we traded down with the Los Angeles Chargers, and picked up the 71st overall selection. Tre White is one of the prospects who fits the mold of who the Packers have looked for at the position. The Packers don’t like taking defensive backs early due to Dom Capers’ complex pressure heavy pattern matching zone defenses. Defensive backs take a while to learn the system, but White is the pick early in the 2nd round.

Round 2 Pick 29 (61st overall) - Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma, 6’2” 226

I’m not going to discuss Mixon’s off-field issues. They’ve been talked about ad nauseum, and talking about it here won’t do any good. On the field, however, he’s one of the few backs in this class that the Packers could entertain drafting. Mixon is elite athletically, and the Al Davis/Ron Wolf scouting tree has shown that they’re willing to take players with troubled pasts. John Schneider, GM in Seattle, took Frank Clark at the end of the 2nd round. John Dorsey, GM in Kansas City, took Tyreek Hill last year. Mixon creates a lot of exciting opportunities offensively.

Round 3 Pick 7 (71st overall) - JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC, 6’1” 215

One of the youngest prospects in this class, Smith-Schuster was a highly regarded prospect earlier in the season, but the quarterback issues put a dent in the hype machine for the USC wideout. Like last year’s first round pick Kenny Clark, Smith-Schuster won’t turn 21 until midway through the 2017 season. He’s a bigger bodied wide out in the mold of Jordy Nelson. Known for his physicality, he’d push or early playing time in Green Bay. Nelson and Cobb will have top 8 salaries at the WR position in 2017, change is coming whether fans like it or not.

Round 3 Pick 29 (93rd overall) - Eddie Jackson, S, Alabama, 6’0” 201

You’re probably thinking, “Owen, you just said they don’t like to take defensive backs early, so why two so early?” Well, the only defensive back that’s started as a rookie, not out of necessity, in recent years is HaHa Clinton-Dix. Alabama’s defense is a professional defense, so Crimson Tide players’ learning curve is shorter than others. Jackson is coming off of a season ending injury, but he’s underrated as a safety in this class. He provides some return ability, and I believe Green Bay will look for some more flexibility in the secondary. Jackson started as a CB, moved to S, and with Morgan Burnett’s ability to play Dime linebacker, Jackson and Clinton-Dix in two high would be nice.

Round 4 Pick 28 (134th overall) - Shaquill Griffin, CB, Central Florida, 6’0” 194

This pick was more along the lines of a “Best Player Available” scenario rather than need. At this pick, there were a lot of guys who didn’t fit the Packers’ scheme, and Griffin fits the athletic thresholds. The Packers lost Micah Hyde and Sam Shields, and Davon House is on a 1 year contract. Don’t be surprised to see Green Bay stack some bodies in this draft in the secondary.

Round 5 Pick 28 (172nd overall) - Josh Reynolds, WR, Texas A&M, 6’3” 194

In two years, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are likely gone as the Packers will have to sacrifice some talent to afford themselves some salary cap flexibility. Reynolds is an underappreciated receiver in this class, and when you turn on the tape, all you see is him making tough, contested catches despite his slight frame. He’ll need to add some muscle to his frame, but he’s a good player who will contribute down the line.

Round 5 Pick 38 (182nd overall) - Corey Levin, OL, Chattanooga, 6’4” 307

Levin is GB’s type of offensive lineman. While he’s not a former blindside protector in college, Levin is a very athletic, versatile lineman. He’s able to play all three interior spots, and with the Packers situation along the offensive line, I’d be shocked if they don’t address the position in the draft. Levin can provide depth until he’s ready to step in and play.

Round 6 Pick 28 (212th overall) - Grover Stewart, NT, Albany State, 6’4” 347

Okay, so hear me out here. Albany State is a Division 2 school, and Stewart is a freak. He’s a mammoth human being who is deceptive athlete. The Packers need more bodies along the defensive line, and Stewart is one of the few defensive linemen in this class that passes through the athletic thresholds. Keep in mind, he’s nearly 350 pounds, and the next heaviest guy at the position who passed the filters is less than 320. Stewart is a very intriguing option at this late juncture.

Round 7 Pick 29 (247th overall) - Avery Moss, EDGE, Youngstown State, 6’3” 264

Moss is the other Youngstown State defensive end that could get drafted. The bookend to Derek Rivers for the Penguins, Moss is a bigger body who’s not as twitchy athletic as Rivers. Moss would be a stash and develop edge rusher, as he’s limited in the Packers scheme to the rush backer. Moss would be a nice value this late, and could work his way into the rotation even as a rookie, in sub packages.

There it is, folks. While what unintentionally looked a lot like a basketball team through the first six picks, the Packers get help at running back, receiver, the defensive line, and secondary. White and Jackson could be starters by Year 2, and Mixon, Smith-Schuster and Reynolds are all future starters on offense.

It’s the #fun time of the year, enjoy it for what it is. Contrary to popular belief, all 32 teams have people in their front offices who’s livelihood is acquiring the best football players possible, so trust in what they do, and have some fun. Football is fun, remember that.