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Cheese Curds 4/24: Will the Packers rue letting T.J. Lang walk?

Also: will the Packers draft a quarterback?

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to NFL Draft Week!

All eyes are on Philadelphia this week as the NFL heads to the city of brotherly love for its annual draft beginning on Thursday night. All the visits, a vast majority of the workouts and the endless stream of mock drafts are coming to end and we will finally know where some of the country's top prospects will begin their pro careers.

As for the Green Bay Packers, no one knows what this week holds. GM Ted Thompson famously keeps his cards to the chest, though in today's Cheese Curds, you'll see he's made one move that reportedly ruffled some feathers on the coaching staff

Bob McGinn: Loss of Lang just business as

McGinn stirred the pot again in Sunday's article, saying some coaches were upset over the loss of T.J. Lang to the Detroit Lions in free agency.

He goes on to add that the Packers are consistently one of the teams that roll over high amounts of salary cap space from year to year and while that may be good for business, he says, it also could be hampering the Packers' performance on the field.

I won't go over the entire article, but it's hard to argue with the Packers' success under Thompson. Sure they've "only" won one ring, but the window is open every single year. It's better that way versus teams that blow a ton of money for one or two shots and then fall back to the middle of the pack.

Report: Packers coaches "incensed" Thompson let Lang

Michael David Smith makes a great counter argument to McGinn saying the run the Packers have had of nine consecutive playoff berths is proof Thompson's plan has worked and continues to work.

He points out the Packers are usually in the middle of the pack (no pun intended) as far as rolled over cap space and are not as frugal as McGinn implies they are.

Whether you support Thompson or not, this is a great debate that will surely rage on after the draft.

The difficulty of the 2017 schedule is

Mike Spofford of in his mailbag states that the first two games of the season (against the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons) won't make or break the season but could have home field advantage implications.

He also looks at the state of the Packers' roster pre-draft and what they may be looking for from Jason Spriggs as well as his favorite beer!

Green Bay Packers: Should quarterback be on the draft radar?--Lombardi Ave.

One would think the Packers would be set with Aaron Rodgers and Brett Hundley as QB1 and QB2 respectively, but this article looks at the possibility of Green Bay taking a quarterback in this week's draft.

Green Bay is in the market for a developmental quarterback and if/when the time comes when Hundley leaves either via free agency or trade, it'll be nice for the Packers to have a succession plan behind Rodgers.