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Report: the 2018 NFL Draft is likely to be held in Dallas

After spending this year in Philly, the Draft is likely headed to Texas next year.

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NFL has made bidding for the Super Bowl a big deal for teams and cities over the past few decades, with major metropolitan areas putting together massive proposals to woo the league into letting them host the world’s biggest game.

Now it seems that the NFL Draft is truly the next big thing for a city to bid on.

After holding the draft at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan for decades, the league decided to start traveling with its annual selection meeting in 2015. The past two drafts were held in downtown Chicago, with the 2017 Draft scheduled for Philadelphia at the end of this month.

Now reports are swirling about the destination of next year’s draft, and ESPN’s Field Yates reports that all signs are pointing to Dallas as being the host city in 2018, despite the league withholding any official announcements until after this year’s event concludes.

The league has hosted the Super Bowl at AT&T Stadium in the past (remember Super Bowl XLV? That was fun!), and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is arguably the league’s most influential owner. With those items in mind, it probably should come as little surprise that the league would seriously consider Dallas as a potential destination.

For fans NFL wishing to attend the Draft from across the country, Dallas makes for a reasonably central spot. In addition, the Dallas/Fort Worth airport is a major hub for American Airlines, making transportation a bit easier for some fans.

The Green Bay Packers have applied to host the draft in future years, starting in 2019. However, they will not know if they are selected until after the 2018 draft.