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Tom Brady plays as Packers in Madden

Tom Brady plays as Aaron Rodgers more often than himself when it comes to Madden.

NFL: Preseason-Green Bay Packers at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

One might think that Tom Brady, the recently announced cover boy for the upcoming installment of the Madden game franchise, would prefer to play with his real-life team, the New England Patriots. However, Brady revealed that in reality he usually selects the Green Bay Packers or Seattle Seahawks.

Brady explained that his 9-year-old son usually plays as the Patriots, leaving him to select another team when they play each other.

"I don't like [facing the Patriots in Madden]," Brady said to ESPN. "It does feel weird. I feel like I'm going up against my own guys that I love. Julian [Edelman] catches a pass, and I've got to tackle him. I've been Green Bay, because I like that offense. And I've been Seattle because I love being that defense."

Brady didn't clarify whether he liked the Packers offense due to the playbook or the players, but either makes plenty of sense. Green Bay features a stacked offensive personnel group and a plethora of useful formations and plays, making it one of the more popular choices in the game.