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Fox Sports ranks Packers' Lambeau Field as best NFL stadium

Lambeau Field doesn't only appeal to Packers fans.

NFL: NFC Wild Card-New York Giants at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Sports fans love to debate and rank players, championships, and anything else associated with their favorite teams. Stadiums certainly qualify, despite the subjectivity of every game-day experience. Fox Sports' Chris Chase entered these murky waters Monday, ranking the Green Bay Packers' home -- Lambeau Field -- as the best stadium in the entire NFL.

The undisputed king of NFL stadiums. Lambeau has been hosting Packers games for 60 years, the longest for any NFL stadium (Soldier Field may be older, but the Bears inexplicably played at Wrigley Field for decades.) There have been enough renovations to make the stadium more than a historic relic (a la Fenway Park) and instead a living, breathing look at the NFL's past, present and future. There's only one stadium in the NFL you have to get to in your life -- and it ain't Jerry World.

No stadium can satisfy every sports fan. For example, while many love the throwback nature of Lambeau's bench seats, someone surely loathes the idea. The weather in Green Bay during the second half of the season also polarizes opinion.

Still, the Packers' home for six decades certainly holds a special place in both the NFL and the sports world at large. The small-town feel that surrounds the stadium -- the lawn parking in particular -- radiates a charm not found elsewhere. And while the various renovations have moved the stadium into the 21st century, it remains one of only six NFL stadiums without sponsored name. That doesn't affect the experience of a game at Lambeau, but it further reinforces the uniqueness of the stadium.