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Mike Daniels is okay with Packers rookie Josh Jones’ OTA faux pas

Emojis are all you really need to get your point across.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-OTA Journal Sentinal-USA TODAY Sports

In the Organized Team Activities portion of the NFL offseason, live contact is not allowed. Teams have to practice in jerseys and shorts, with helmets being the only protective equipment allowed. As a result, tackling, hitting, full blocking, and other types of contact between offensive and defensive players is not allowed.

However, during the Green Bay Packers’ open OTA practice on Tuesday at Ray Nitschke Field, rookie safety/linebacker Josh Jones made a big mistake: he laid a big hit on a veteran player. That player was wide receiver Jeff Janis, and you can bet that Jones got a talking-to on the sideline from the coaching staff about the rules of what is and is not allowed in OTAs.

However, it is likely that some members of the defense appreciated Jones’ effort and intensity, and one such player, Mike Daniels, took to Twitter with a single emoji that makes his position clear on the matter:

It’s funny how one little smiley face can say so much, isn’t it? Daniels is known as the leader of the defense when it comes to intensity and attitude, so it probably should come as no surprise that he’s okay with a little contact, even without pads.

The Packers of course should not be subject to any penalties from the NFL, as they are not running any live contact drills or putting players in pads. But you can bet that there would be plenty of players around the league who would be perfectly happy to have full contact practices during this time of the year.

Count Daniels among them: