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Cheese Curds, 5/26: Linsley rehabs, House returns, & Sherman drama swirls

As the Packers are focused on their on-field work, an NFC rival team is dealing with reports of drama in the locker room.

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Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers have wrapped up their first week of OTAs, as the team gets a lengthy holiday weekend off to recharge and gear up for the second batch of practices next week.

As they do so, they will hope to have their complete offensive line on the field together. The team has been working new right guard Jahri Evans into the mix, but center Corey Linsley is continuing to work through rehab from surgery and has been replaced by Don Barclay for the time being.

One player who has come back (in his case after a two-year stint elsewhere) is cornerback Davon House, who is thrilled to return to the place where he started his NFL career.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, there appears to be a budding feud between an All-Pro cornerback who was on the trading block earlier this year and an ESPN reporter who recently published an article about why the player was made available. Shocker - Richard Sherman is causing some more drama. However, if the report is to believed, this dustup with the media is small potatoes compared to his issues with the Seahawks’ leadership.

As we wrap up this week, we hope you will all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, and we’ll see you back here for more curds on Tuesday.

Block for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, receive a free four-wheeler - ESPN
Rodgers got his linemen Polaris ATVs, continuing a tradition he has developed with his blockers over the years.

Packers CB Davon House feels ‘lucky’ to be back in Green Bay | Packers Wire
House cites two other Packers who left the team and came back to play for the team: Charlie Peprah and James Jones. He also says "this is where I needed to be."

The best and worst schedules for the outside WRs | PFF
An interesting note here is that the Packers allowed the second-most fantasy points to outside wide receivers in 2016, but the third-least to slot receivers. Then again, some of that may be due to favorable matchups on the outside diverting targets away from the slot.

Linsley, Rollins rebounding after surgeries |
The Packers’ starting center, Corey Linsley, is still working his way back from ankle surgery, but he says he’s “feeling really good.” Meanwhile, Rollins’ groin issue from October remained a problem throughout the rest of last season, and he’s in a good spot as practices get underway.

Why did it take so long for Lombardi to commit to Starr? |
Bart Starr didn't become the Packers' full-time starter under Vince Lombardi until 1960, as Lamar McHan had the job -- and, according to team historian Cliff Christl, a "persecution complex."

Richard Sherman trade talks were rooted in his bitterness over Seahawks' Super Bowl XLIX loss -
An ESPN report cites the interception at the end of the Super Bowl as the source of the issues that led to the discussions about trading Sherman.

Sherman calls story on Seahawks' discord 'nonsense' -
Naturally, Sherman is snapping back and saying that none of it is true, and teammate Michael Bennett is supporting him. The ESPN reporter is sticking to his guns, though.