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Jay Cutler not interested in comeback, even with Packers

Don't expect to see the recently retired quarterback in a Packers uniform -- or any uniform -- anytime soon.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

Last week, Jay Cutler announced his decision to hang up the cleats in favor of a broadcasting position with Fox Sports. Some have speculated that under the right circumstances, the long-time Chicago Bears quarterback might consider a comeback. However, Cutler doesn't see that happening.

During a phone-in interview on FS1's The Herd, Cutler was asked whether he might relish the chance to start for a loaded Green Bay Packers offense should Aaron Rodgers suffer an injury.

"Honestly, if the Green Bay Packers called, I'm probably not going to do it," Cutler said. "I don't think they would ever call me. But I'd probably have to pass."

Like recently retired quarterback Tony Romo, Cutler has become the center of comeback speculation. Though he never quite lived up to expectation with the Bears, he played at a starter's level for the majority of his 11 years in the NFL. Perhaps as the 2017 season draws closer, some speculate that Cutler could feel differently than he does now.

However, if Cutler doesn't have interest in piloting the Packers offense, he probably doesn't have much interest in playing again, period.