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APC Pod: The curious case of Eddie Lacy

Why was Eddie Lacy given such a bad rap by many Packer fans? Alex and Zach dissect this and other topics of the Packers offseason.

Packers players are in shorts and so is the APC Pod crew, but only because it's 95 degrees in Alex's apartment. We're back this week with a guestless two-man show to wade through the boring waters of the NFL offseason like only we can. You can look forward to the following tidbits and more:

  • Davon House hitches a ride with Packers fans from Minneapolis to Green Bay
  • Uncharacteristically, Aaron Rodgers is now on Instagram.
  • Eddie Lacy makes his weight incentive in Seattle -- why do we care?
  • We charge our friend Josh $1 on Venmo for saying his twitter handle on air.
  • We investigate the Zune 30.

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