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Cheese curds, 6/13: Packers rookies focus of offseason practices

Kevin King returns from NFL-rule induced hiatus.

NFL: Green Bay Packers Rookie Orientation Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

While veterans get their chances to shine in training camp, this part of the offseason focuses more on the younger players and their development. As such, the Green Bay Packers -- perennially one of the younger teams in the league -- have a vested interest in using this time more effectively with their prospects. That makes the "return" of their top pick from 2017 a rather large deal.

Rookie cornerback Kevin King finally allowed to practice for first time since early May | Wisconsin State Journal

The NFL employs an antiquated rule that prevents players hailing from schools on the quarters system from participating in certain parts of offseason team activities. That kept Packers' second-round pick Kevin King away from the action much longer than most of his rookie compatriots. However, the cornerback began his work with the team during minicamp. The lost time should affect him, but he can now make up for lost time.

Packers' minicamp geared towards younger players |

As he has done in the past, Packers coach Mike McCarthy excused the team's veterans from mandatory minicamp, giving more time to the bevy of younger players to work on their craft and allow for improved competition when the full team reassembles later in the offseason.

Vince Biegel on track to return at some point during Packers' training camp | ESPN

The foot injury that sidelined rookie pass-rusher Vince Biegel originally clouded his return timetable so significantly that some thought he could miss all of training camp. While that possibly remains, Biegel seems more likely to return for some or most of training camp. Any missed time could have a significant impact on his development, but he might have enough wiggle room to make up for it.

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