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Packers top plays of 2016: If only some fun plays existed

Lamenting the lack of plays showing the Packers beating the Seahawks in 2016

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers Green Bay Press Gazette-USA TODAY Sports

Next week at Acme Packing Company we’re running a series on our favorite plays of the 2016 season. There were many from which to choose, and you’re really going to enjoy the series. Even though the season had a difficult middle portion and a bitter end, there were still quite a few fun plays. The voting was tough and at times came down to just a single ballot, but we managed to put together what I think is a really solid top ten.

But I really struggled at times to vote for this year’s collection of plays. It’s not that it was hard to pick a favorite. It’s just that I really had a hard time finding a play (or even, say, a series of plays from a single game) that really gave me a particular feeling I was looking for, the feeling of laying waste to a much-disliked opponent thanks in part to a series of unusual plays.

For instance, I would have loved to see someone’s high-priced pass catcher trip and falls and for the Packers to get an interception as a result. I would have loved to see a play like that.

It would also have been great to see a player think he was about to coast into the end zone for an easy score, only to have the opportunity snatched from him at the last moment.

I guess you could say that I just generally love interceptions in general, the dorkier and flukier, the better.

Like, say there was a situation where a ball bounced off an oblivious player’s back and a guy on the Packers caught it for an interception. That would be great just great to see. I wish there would have been a play like that.

Or what if the Packers didn’t deserve a great play because somebody (say, Damarious Randall, for example) did something really dumb like, I don’t know, fall down in the middle of a play? And then what if, even though there’s no reason something great should happen, it did anyway? That would be pretty neat.

Or say you were already a pummeling a team, having piled up a huge lead due to a series of increasingly unlikely plays, only to see another really unusual play late in the game. That would be pretty cool. I would have totally voted for that.

I would also have voted for Jeff Janis scoring a touchdown on a play where Richard Rodgers had a chance to obliterate Michael Bennett but instead just blocked him in such a way that Bennett knew that it was only by the benevolence of Richard Rodgers that he was allowed to live. You know, if video of such a play existed.

Anyway, it’s a shame that we couldn’t have gotten some plays like that this year because I’m sure they would have ended up in the top ten for sure.