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David Bakhtiari is unhappy about the NFL’s Top 100 list, and with good reason

Meanwhile, some current and former Packers take umbrage with Aaron Rodgers’ ranking on this year’s list.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-OTA Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

David Bakhtiari is the Green Bay Packers’ left tackle of the present and future, and he is unquestionably one of the top players at his position in the NFL right now. Just before week one of the 2016 season, Bakhtiari signed a new long-term contract that added four years and $48 million onto his rookie deal, a contract which currently has him tied for the fifth-highest-paid left tackle (and fifth-highest-paid offensive lineman overall) in the league.

However, Bakhtiari somehow was not listed on this year’s NFL Top 100 list.

While he was annoyed about not making the list, that’s not at all Bakhtiari’s biggest problem with it; overall, the process doesn’t jibe with the outspoken tackle, who has never been shy about expressing his opinions. On Monday, he went into a bit of a Twitter frenzy regarding the process overall. Here are a few of his comments about the list and the process, as he turns his focus over to the blind eye that the list appears to take towards offensive linemen:

To illustrate Bakhtiari’s point, 5 out of 22 players on an NFL field on any given down are offensive linemen. That’s a ratio of 23%, which indicates that offensive linemen are brutally under-represented on the list.

Bakhtiari also called out a couple of his teammates from 2016 as snubs from this year’s Top 100. He mentioned T.J. Lang’s omission, as well as his bookend tackle, Bryan Bulaga:

Say what you will about which linemen deserve to be ranked where, but it’s tough to argue Bakhtiari’s point that the offensive line is undervalued in the general consciousness of the NFL.

Rodgers’ #6 ranking

Bakhtiari wasn’t the only person unhappy with the list, though some current and former Packers disgreed with another aspect of it — specifically, Aaron Rodgers’ 6th-place ranking. In addition to one of his linemen saying he should be number one, a pair of corners who currently or previously faced him in practice every day have something to say:

Packers wide receiver Davante Adams also got in on the discussion, retweeting Hayward’s comment above. (He also thought it was hilarious that he was the very first player left off the list at number 101.)