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Davon House gets stuck in Twin Cities, catches a ride to Green Bay with Packers fans

We send out some major props to a pair of Packers fans who helped a stuck cornerback make it back home in time for today’s practice.

New York Jets v Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers resume their OTA practices on Tuesday, which meant that most players returned to Wisconsin on Monday. We say “most” players, because one in particular — cornerback Davon House — got stuck in the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport after some unfortunate circumstances left him stranded there overnight.

House first had a flight delay that was going to make him miss his connection to Green Bay, which meant that he would have to get a rental car and drive overnight to make it in time. Then he began hearing that MSP was out of rental cars, and that he would be stuck there unless he was able to find another way to get back.

Rather than get a hotel room (or crash with former Packer Datone Jones), catch another flight Tuesday morning, and likely miss the week’s first practice, House took to Twitter to ask for some help from Packers fans:

Within minutes, House had a handful of Packers fans offering to pick him up from the airport and make the four-hour drive east across I-94 and highway 29 to get him back to Lambeau Field. House thanked his co-pilots en route, as a pair of brothers ended up being the lucky pair to make the drive with him:

One of the two fans confirmed this morning that the trio made it safely to the Packers’ facilities, and that House was gracious in his thanks to the pair of brothers who helped him out:

On behalf of APC and Packers fans everywhere, we would like to extend our thanks to Chad and Mike Johnson for helping Davon out in his time of need, and thanks to all the Packers fans who stepped up and offered to do so!

To wrap it all up, let’s just make sure to give this guy credit for his perfect analysis of the situation in Minnesota: