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Cheese Curds 5/8: Flat Stanley visits Packers; Mike Daniels praises Josh Jones

Also: Taysom Hill breaks some windows.

Photo courtesy of Martellus Bennett’s Twitter account

The Green Bay Packers got a visit from a rather unique guest on Wednesday.

"Flat Stanley" made an appearance in the Packers' locker room at OTAs thanks to tight end Martellus Bennett. Stanley took in the sights and even got his picture taken with Bennett and quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Not bad for a piece of paper.

Stanley's appearance is part of the Flat Stanley Project, an exchange of a paper drawing and a journal meant to connect students with each other around the world. For more on the Flat Stanley Project, here's their website.

Bennett is bringing a lot of personality to the team, and the chemistry that appears to be forming in the locker room will serve the team well when it faces inevitable adversity during the season.

Read more about how "Flat Stanley" came into Bennett's possession and more in today's Cheese Curds.

Flat Stanley Visits Packers--via Bennett's Twitter account

Someone thought that their neighbor gave "Flat Stanley" to their cousin. Instead they gave it to Bennett and hilarity ensued.

Captain of Fun indeed.

Mike Daniels envisions the

Mike Daniels never minces words. That's why when you read his praise for rookie Josh Jones, you will move forward a little bit closer in your chair and start counting down the days to September 10.

Jordy Nelson reaching for even bigger

Jordy Nelson is going through his first full offseason since tearing his ACL in 2015. If that touchdown in OTAs is any indication, he could be in for a special year in 2017.

Taysom Hill fitting in with Packers--Idaho State Journal

The undrafted rookie quarterback hit 19 home runs at Jordy Nelson's charity softball game over the weekend, including breaking some windshields. Could he also crack the final roster at the end of training camp?

Rodgers has his own getting back to Green Bay story--Packers Wire

Davon House's ride to Green Bay with two fans is now legendary. Not to be out done, Rodgers said tornado like weather in Minnesota nearly kept him from OTAs several years ago.

Clearly the state of Minnesota hates Packers players. I guess you can't blame them, given the Packers have won five of the last six NFC North titles.