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Cheese Curds, 7/11: Packers’ cornerbacks coach loves this year’s group

Joe Whitt sees the potential for the corners to be a terrific group in 2017.

NFL: Green Bay Packers OTA Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers have been lucky in the past decade or so, as they have employed one of the best cornerbacks coaches in the entire NFL. Joe Whitt, Jr. has been the man most responsible for the development of undrafted free agents who turned into stars — specifically Tramon Williams and Sam Shields. His units have the most interceptions of any cornerback unit since he took over as the position coach in 2009, and he’s not afraid of speaking his mind about his players when asked.

That’s what makes it so interesting to read some of his comments about this year’s group of players, which got a significant overhaul on the personnel side this spring. Meanwhile, a couple of key young players are healthy again, which should make for bounce-back seasons for them.

All in all, the talent and ability is there; Whitt knows that he must help the players harness that and turn it into success on the field.

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Speaking of that position coach, Whitt thinks this year's cornerback group has the raw talent to become something truly special, which can be attributed in part to good health.

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Here's a bonus nugget from minicamp with Whitt talking about Waters, the converted receiver. Don't sleep on him this year in training camp.

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The Packers have as many as five players who can feasibly play inside linebacker when the team is in the nickel or dime personnel groups, which should bode well for the team's performance against the pass this fall.

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