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Skip Bayless debates Aaron Rodgers and meets his match: Skip Bayless

The professional troll debates himself in a great new video.

NFL: NFC Divisional-Green Bay Packers at Dallas Cowboys Jim Mathews-USA TODAY Sports

Skip Bayless is an actor who plays a moron on TV in order to get ratings. Normally I adhere to a principle I call “Bayless’ Law” which states that “Thou shalt not give thine attention to Skip Bayless”, however I’ll make an exception for this well-produced video (brought to our attention by Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard, and Jimmy Traina) of Bayless arguing with himself about Aaron Rodgers:

Bayless can’t even agree with himself about the greatness of APC’s #1 play of 2016, calling Rodgers' throw to Jared Cook both “the play of the century” while claiming “there is nothing special about this play.”

Bayless knows what he’s doing and as one of the fathers of “debate for the sake of debate," he’s a master at conning gullible people into reacting to his insane, incoherent hot takes. It’s nice to see him brought down to earth by the one and only person he listens to or respects.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blocking/muting/ignorance of his general existence.