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Cheese Curds, 7/14: Packers make good use of record revenues, which will keep growing

The team announced donations through its charitable foundation just after releasing its financial reports.

NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In yesterday’s Cheese Curds, we at APC took a look at the Green Bay Packers’ financial reports, which were released this week. The team reported record revenues, and are in a great position both for the time being and looking ahead into the future.

One of the great things about the Packers being a community-owned organization is that the team returns the support that the community provides. As we wrap up another week and inch ever closer to training camp, today’s curds feature a look at some of the team’s charitable activities and grants.

Meanwhile, we are less than two weeks away from the Packers reporting for camp, which means that we’re getting more and more examinations of the team’s roster. As APC’s breakdown continues today with the offensive line, check out a link in today’s curds which tries to determine just how many roster spots are actually available.

Packers Foundation awards $250,000 impact grants to CP and Green Bay Area Public School District |
Given the finances we recently heard about, it's nice to see the Packers giving back to the community in this way.

Small-market Packers could see revenue soar thanks to 'Titletown' - ESPN
Speaking of revenues, the Packers should start getting a nice extra chunk of change once the Titletown District is complete.

NFL mock draft: The MMQB All-Time Draft | The MMQB with Peter King
Ron Wolf and Bob McGinn participated in this all-time mock draft, which is really cool. Wolf drafted Reggie White with the second overall pick, while McGinn took safety Ronnie Lott.

Winning a roster spot won’t be easy at Packers training camp | Packers Wire
Zach Kruse sees the Packers having 40 players who are either locks or close to it, which would leave only 13 roster spots reasonably up for grabs.

Clay Matthews says he'll miss getting to pad his stats against Jay Cutler |
All I can say about this is LOL. Clay sacked Cutler 8.5 times in his career, and even once petitioned the league to change his half-sack (split with Erik Walden) to a full one.

Tony Romo: Aaron Rodgers can play until he’s 45 |
Romo sees no signs that Rodgers is slowing down, despite Rodgers’ recent comments that he’s starting the “back nine” of his career. The former Cowboys QB says he sees Aaron playing another dozen years.