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Cheese curds, 7/19: Casey Hayward still hurt about Packers' rejection

The Packers' former slot cornerback didn't appreciate the lack of attention he received from his old team last offseason.

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Though hindsight allows for a more complete understanding of a situation or event, it also can distort what people felt or believed in the moment. Such has proven to be the case with the Green Bay Packers and Casey Hayward, a cornerback the team allowed to walk last offseason. While Green Bay's secondary dissolved early during the 2016 campaign and never recovered, Hayward went on to have a career year with the former San Diego Chargers. As a result, fans have understandably expressed remorse over the Packers letting Hayward leave.

But does that mean Hayward's departure made sense at the time it occurred? Not exactly.

Who's No. 1? Top DBs talk about the future of the position, post-Darrelle Revis | Bleacher Report

While the article focuses on a much larger question, Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Casey Hayward expressed some angst about the way he departed Green Bay. "I'm like 'Wow. They really think I'm a s--tty player,'" Hayward said about not receiving an offer from the Packers last offseason. "I felt like I was the best player at the position when I was there."

Though Hayward did have a spectacular 2016 campaign with the Chargers, his success doesn't change his history in Green Bay. The cornerback struggled with health for most of his career and played a position that most considered a strength heading into 2016. Injuries and the poor performances that resulted from them certainly drove the narrative, but re-signing Hayward makes far more sense in retrospect than it did at the time.

Packers' Letroy Guion heads to trail for drunken driving in Hawaii | Associated Press

As of this writing, Letroy Guion remains a member of the Packers. However, with concerning legal and personal issues in his past and a new drunk driving charge pending, the team could (and probably should) decide to part ways with the defensive tackle in the near future.

Tiki Barber: Packers were "amazing" with Ty Montgomery in the backfield | Cheesehead TV

A torn in the Packers' side for many years, Tiki Barber had a fantastic career as a running back with the New York Giants. Because of that experience, he has a decent idea of what a quality runner looks like, and he sees many of those star qualities in converted wide receiver Ty Montgomery. "[The Packers] were amazing with [Montgomery] in the backfield," Barber declared on NFL Network Tuesday. "145 yards they averaged when he started, 7-2 was their record, he averaged almost 6 yards a carry. For a guy who hasn't done this probably since high school. Now, he's got the size, he's got the elusiveness."

The Packers' record with Montgomery at tailback doesn't necessarily indicate ability, but his elusiveness and tackle-breaking ability certain deserve acclaim. Montgomery looks like the frontrunner to start for the team in 2017.