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Cheese Curds 7/3: Lance Kendricks making progress in the Packers’ offense

Also: How NBC’s Chuck Todd became a Cheesehead

NFL: Green Bay Packers OTA Milwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TODAY Sports

A lot attention has been paid to Martellus Bennett since he signed with the Green Bay Packers this spring, but what about the other tight end they signed?

Lance Kendricks is a familiar name to Packers fans in Wisconsin. A native of Milwaukee and a former Badger standout, Kendricks was selected in the second round of the 2011 draft by the then-St. Louis Rams and spent six seasons with the team before joining the Packers this offseason.

Kendricks never lived up to his second round draft position with the Rams, but when you're stuck with the likes of Sam Braford, Case Keenum and a raw Jared Goff throwing you the football you really don't get a chance to showcase your talents.

Enter one Aaron Charles Rodgers.

How is Kendricks adapting to playing with one of the best to ever throw a football? Read about that and more in today's cheese curds.

Lance Kendricks learning Aaron Rodgers'

It's a work in progress but it seems Kendricks is picking up the little idiosyncrasies of the Green Bay offense. Given his ability to move all over, Kendricks could be a sleeper for the Packers this season.

Familiar faces await Packers in opener vs

Eddie Lacy returns. Bennett vs Bennett. Schneider vs Thompson. There will storylines abound when the Packers open their season on September 10th.

Chuck Todd wants to meet the Packers at Lambeau Field--MMQB

NBC reporter Chuck Todd is a well known Packers fan, but it's hard to believe he hasn't been to Lambeau Field yet. No politics here, just a fan who's never been to Lambeau speaking from the heart about why he's a Cheesehead. Many Packers fans outside of Wisconsin are sure to relate to Todd's story.

Now with Vikings, Datone Jones says Green Bay changed his position without warning--Wisconsin State Journal

Datone Jones opens up about his time in Green Bay and it's not all that flattering. While he doesn't burn a bridge per se, Jones saying he found out he was being moved to OLB on NFL Network has to sting a little bit.

Packers fantasy preview--Yahoo! Sports

The calendar has turned to July which means we are just under two months away from fantasy football drafts taking place. If you plan on adding some Packers to the roster, this is an excellent breakdown of what to expect from the Packers from a fantasy standpoint.