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Cheese Curds, 7/31: Noise level rises at Packers practice as pads go on

Hitting has begun in Green Bay, and a few young players are making positive impressions early.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-OTA Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

If you had predicted that Joe Kerridge would be the star of the Green Bay Packers’ first practice in pads this year, come on down and collect your winnings.

Then stop, drop, and roll, because your pants are on fire.

Regardless of his expectations, the unheralded fullback was all over the place on Saturday, impressing once he was able to actually make solid contact with players on defense. Likewise impressing was Josh Jones, who — much like in OTAs — laid a big hit on a receiver over the middle that resulted in a few members of the offense taking exception to it. This time it was Malachi Dupre on the receiving end of a big hit, and although it’s more acceptable with the pads on during camp, a few players still felt that it was over the line.

Still, it’s good to see the defense playing with an edge and some aggressiveness; after all, a common complaint in recent years is that the unit has been a bit too passive. So far, though, that doesn’t appear to be something we’ll have to worry about this season.

Follow along with Monday’s practice here and enjoy today’s curds below.

Padded practice a hit parade for Packers fullback Joe Kerridge |
Kerridge just put on notice anyone who counted him out when it comes to the active roster this fall. He could still be a critical part of the special teams, as well as line up in a two-fullback package with Aaron Ripkowski.

Mike Daniels wants to 'shut these people up' who rip Packers' D - ESPN
Although Josh Jones got an earful from a few players on offense when he lit up rookie wideout Malachi Dupre on Saturday, there's a very good chance he earned some praise from Daniels.

Mike Daniels sensing more improvement from Packers G Lane Taylor | Packers Wire
Speaking of Daniels, he has been working against the Packers' left guard regularly so far in camp, and he's excited about what he is seeing - even noting that Taylor can handle Diesel's bull rush.

Standout play is one to build on for Quinten Rollins |
It's been a long time since Quinten Rollins "made a play and felt good about it," but that's just what happened on Saturday. He stole a touchdown pass from Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb, flashing the ball skills that helped make him a second-round draft pick.

Vikings CB Xavier Rhodes signs $70 million extension |
Minnesota paid up to keep Rhodes around for another five years, giving him a $12 million signing bonus and a whopping $41 million in total guaranteed money.