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Cheese Curds, 8/1: Bennett responds to Jamal Adams, Bulaga remains an elite RT

Green Bay’s outspoken tight end fired back at a rookie who said he’d be okay with dying on the football field.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Jim Matthews-USA TODAY NETWORK

The Green Bay Packers continue to work at training camp this week, and the team is staying on their game both on and off the field. Between the lines, we have right tackle Bryan Bulaga getting some attention (finally), after not getting it from national sources and his fellow players last season. Meanwhile, rookie Josh Jones continues to get attention for what he is doing on the other side of the football, as he keeps making plays day after day.

Off the field, tight end Martellus Bennett continues to speak his mind on social media about the controversial issues of the day. This week, it’s comments from a rookie on another team that have sent some shockwaves through the NFL community, and Bennett provided his opinions in his typical blunt and honest form.

Check out these items and more below in today’s curds, and keep it locked on our practice thread throughout the morning.

Bryan Bulaga has the respect that matters most |
Bulaga played at a Pro Bowl level last season, but got snubbed yet again. He's taking it in stride though, and is focused only on his execution and impressing his teammates and coaches.

Rookie Jones hits, intercepts his way into Packers' defensive plans - ESPN
Fire up the hype train for Jones, who has avoided the typical slow-down that rookies see when they move from practicing in shorts into full pads. Jones has continued to make highlight-reel plays each and every day.

Packers training camp: Jeff Janis losing ground in WR competition? | Packers Wire
Janis' name has only really been mentioned once or twice as a receiver at camp so far, and this forces us to wonder whether his special teams contributions can still be enough to keep him around on the 53-man roster for a fourth year.

Branden Albert retires: Jags T retries after 9 seasons |
This was a remarkably abrupt retirement, which came a few days into his first training camp with the Jaguars.

Jamal Adams, Morris Claiborne willing to “die” on football field | ProFootballTalk
Fans actually cheered Jets rookie Jamal Adams when he said "if I had a perfect place to die, I would die on the field." For a league that has been trying to give fans and players the impression that it values player safety - and coming from a player who's a member of the NFLPA - this seems like a pretty reckless sentiment.

Packers tight end Martellus Bennett has a very different feeling on the matter in response to Adams’ comment:

You can make your own judgments on that.