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A song for the Packers’ preseason opener: ‘I’d love to watch some football tonight’

We’re ready for football, so even if it’s not the new season just yet, it’s good to have an old partner back in our lives.

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As a kid, I was exposed to two things that shaped the adult I became: Green Bay Packers football and terrible pop music from the Seventies.

My love for the Packers has never been a secret, but most don’t know about my deep fondness for bands like Ambrosia; Emerson, Lake, & Palmer; or The Doobie Brothers. These two things came together after BadgerNoonan and I worked on the “Humpty Dance” parody to commemorate Ted Thompson’s newest catchphrase.

I approached him about creating a parody to explain just what preseason football means to NFL fans starved for some kind of entertainment. The premise immediately brought England Dan & John Ford Coley to mind. Their 1976 hit “I’d Really Love To See You Tonight” chronicles a phone call between a man and his estranged ex. He explains how much he misses his long-lost love and how he really just wants to spend some time with them.

With the attention of the song pivoted to the long-awaited NFL season, most football fans would agree that preseason feels similar to getting back with an old partner. It’s not the real thing, but I’d love to watch some football tonight...