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Cheese Curds, 8/18: Packers’ pass rush remains a work in progress

A fourth-year linebacker looks to finally break out while the Packers called an unusual number of blitzes in the team’s preseason opener.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-OTA Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

As the Green Bay Packers work through their preseason games this August, finding a way to be productive in pressuring the opposing quarterback is a primary goal of the coaching staff. With the team being more reliant on their pass rush for overall defensive success than any other in the NFL, finding a way to get to the QB is critical.

In last week’s first preseason game, Dom Capers tried something unusual for an early preseason game — rolling out a lot of blitz packages. While it was surprising from a fan’s perspective, even some of his players were a bit stunned at the playcalls coming in.

What is the motivation for this decision? Scroll through today’s curds to find out a few ideas.

Meanwhile, the Packers continue to look for consistent pass-rushing contributors in the middle and lower tiers of the depth chart. One such player who should finally get the bigger role on defense that he has wanted (and arguably has deserved) for a while is Jayrone Elliott, who is featured today as well.

Here are today’s links, as Packers fans everywhere get ready for the team’s second preseason game tomorrow in Washington.

Jayrone Elliott eyeing next step in Packers' defense |
He had better do it and step up as the top backup to Nick Perry and Clay Matthews, because there aren't a whole lot of other options right now (and none who really look like they're capable of being a significant contributors).

Packers’ blitz-happy defense making intentions clear |
Dom Capers brought extra rushers on almost every pass attempt in the first half of last week’s preseason opener, an unusual tactic for a preseason game. One thought presented here is that doing so is a response to the 4-3 Under debacle in 2014, when the team didn’t roll it out in preseason games, then got beaten badly by the Seahawks.

Davon House to Davante Adams to Kevin King, Packers 'pay it forward' - ESPN
In Adams' rookie year, he would work with veteran corner Davon House after practice, going over routes, releases, and the like. This year, he's returning the favor to the Packers' top rookie draft pick.

Packers WR Jeff Janis isn’t worried about a little competition | Packers Wire
It seems like there's a Janis story every other day right now, so go on the record in the comments: will he make the roster or won't he?

Jay Cutler’s debut shows he’s in control of Dolphins’ offense |
I’m still a little bit disappointed that the Packers’ don’t play the Dolphins this season.