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What was the best Packers game you’ve seen in person?

Let us know what your favorite in-person memory of a Packers game is.

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On Tuesday night, SB Nation asked a question of its Twitter followers:

If you follow the Acme Packing Company twitter account, you may have seen us give the question a bump on social media. For a lunch break today, we’d like to ask you about the best Green Bay Packers game that you have ever seen in person.

Responses from our followers last night compiled a whole slew of games, including the following:

  • Brett Favre’s first comeback against the Bengals in 1992
  • Christmas Eve, 1995 (Yancey Thigpen’s drop in the end zone)
  • Super Bowl XXXI
  • 2003 Wild Card round - Al Harris’ overtime pick-six off Matt Hasselbeck
  • 2007 Divisional Playoffs vs. Seattle (aka the Snow Globe Game)
  • Super Bowl XLV
  • Rodgers-to-Cobb in week 17 of 2013
  • Dez Didn’t Catch It - 2014 Divisional Playoff win over the Cowboys
  • The Richard Rodgers Hail Mary game in Detroit
  • This year’s Divisional Playoff game in Dallas (Rodgers-to-Cook)

Those are just a handful of options. We want to hear your favorite memory of attending a Packers game - which game was it, when did it happen, and what made it so memorable?