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Packers vs. Washington stock down report: Jason Spriggs has yet to turn the corner

Pass protection remains an adventure for the Packers' 2016 second-round pick.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

On Saturday, the Green Bay Packers moved to 2-0 on the preseason courtesy of a 21-17 win over Washington. The final score matters little, however, as the coaches care far more about the game film they can devour over the next few days. With all but 12 members of the 90-man roster participating in the game, the team has plenty of good and poor performances to consider.

Last night, we covered the players who left the strongest impressions against Washington. We continue with those that had the roughest outings in the stock down report.

Trevor Davis

After raising his stock a week ago with his dynamic punt returns, Trevor Davis took a step back on Saturday. He muffed his first punt return, turning a three-and-out into a new possession for Washington in the red zone. A turnover on punt return nailed Davis to the bench midway through his rookie season. It remains to be seen how the coaching staff reacts to his latest blunder. The Packers probably don't have a more dangerous punt returner, but they value ball security over everything.

Jason Spriggs

After a rough star to the preseason, Jason Spriggs played even worse during his follow-up performance. The second-year offensive tackle entered the game midway through the first quarter and consistently yielded pressure late into the third, including multiple sacks of mobile quarterbacks Brett Hundley and Joe Callahan. Spriggs seemed easily confounded by nearly any stunt and counter move Washington's pass-rushers threw at him, a bad look for a former second-round pick. His draft status and upside should secure him a roster spot in 2017, but the Packers might have to elevate someone above him on the depth chart should something happen to starting tackles David Bakhtiari or Bryan Bulaga.

Justin Vogel

Even as the only punter on the Packers' 90-man roster, Justin Vogel still must avoid poor performances in order to secure a job come September. Though his 47-yard average against Washington suggests a strong showing, his lack of consistency could cost him when the coaches grade the tape. According to ESPN's Rob Demovsky, Vogel's hang time fell under four seconds multiple times, well below the threshold Green Bay expects of its punters. Vogel's best punts -- such as his 60-yard boomer -- highlight why the team brought him into camp. However, if he cannot eliminate the duds, the front office has shown the willingness to call an audible at the 11th hour.