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Packers Fantasy Football Draft Preview: Evaluating the Running Backs

Maybe the most contentious fantasy position on the Packers roster. Here is how you should evaluate the Green Bay running backs.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Denver Broncos Jim Matthews-USA TODAY Sports

Week 3 of the NFL Preseason has just wrapped up, so you are probably drafting your team shortly. On the Green Bay Packers’ roster, there are not many positions that should have significant surprises. I think we are all ready to have Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams on our teams. However, one of the biggest questions on this team is the running back position.

There might be some fight left about who gets left off the roster, but in terms of fantasy football there are just two running backs that matter. In most standard leagues, fifth-round draft pick Aaron Jones is not going to get drafted; rather, Ty Montgomery and Jamaal Williams will be the only two Packers tailbacks taken.

Here’s a look at their projections for 2017.

Ty Montgomery

Fans finally got to see Montgomery get loose a little against Denver with a 25-yard burst in the first quarter. He also showed you that the Packers are in good hands in short yardage, as he gave the Packers a two yard touchdown.

Montgomery will get the bulk of the carries and the Packers have been pretty good at featuring a starting running back in the last few years. They clearly want to rotate and keep players fresh, but the starting Packers running backs have done well.

The biggest problem is the Packers do not like to run. Every year head coach Mike McCarthy tells everyone that the Packers need to run more, but they just never do. Last year Eddie Lacy was getting over 5.0 yards per carry, but averaged just 14.2 carries per game. The Packers never completely dedicate themselves to running the ball.

However, Montgomery gives you a more dynamic runner and a much better pass catcher. If you are in a PPR league then Montgomery should be a high end-RB2. In standard scoring he will be a back end RB2. You will likely be able to find him in the fifth round (unless you are in a league with a bunch of other Packers fans).

Jamaal Williams

Williams seems likely to get some reps in this offense, having taken a firm hold of the top backup job thanks to his good pass-blocking abilities. It is hard to tell what his role will be so far because of the nature of preseason football — he platoons in and stays on the field for entire drives. This is not likely to be the case in the regular season.

Williams has shown that he could be valuable in the passing game. He has been very good in pass blocking and added some very nice catch and run plays. Williams started off with an ADP in around the 130s, but has settled back to the 170s, as he was being over-drafted early. Williams should not be a flex option at this point. He is a handcuff for Montgomery. In all honesty, you should not draft or keep a handcuff to an RB2. use that roster spot on a Lottery Ticket guy or get a handcuff to your RB1.

Williams’ greatest value is as a bench player in a dynasty league, but if he is available I would not add him to your dynasty roster at this point. Montgomery is not going anywhere soon and Williams will have to wait to actually surpass Montgomery or go somewhere else.