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Packers' Week 1 game gets tougher as Seahawks trade for Sheldon Richardson

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An NFC rival further strengthened their defensive line on Friday.

New York Jets v Green Bay Packers

The Seahawks are already a team of All-Pros on defense with the Legion of Boom (Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, and Richard Sherman) still at the height of their powers, supporting an excellent line anchored by Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril. The rich are now significantly richer on Friday. The Seahawks managed to pry defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson away from the tanking Jets for mediocre receiver Jermaine Kearse, and a draft pick, per Adam Schefter.

Richardson, who was once taken 13th overall and has lived up to that billing production-wise, is a major disruptor even when he isn’t racking up sacks, and is a frequent league leader in tackles for loss. He adds to an already formidable line that will essentially be impossible to block in passing situations as they can put Richardson on the field with Bennett (5.0 sacks in 2016), Avril (11.5) and Frank Clark (10.0).

While Richardson has had some off-the-field-issues, including an incident in which he was drag racing while high with a 12-year-old and a gun, his on-field affect really can’t be overstated. The Packers’ week 1 opponent just got much better, and if Green Bay walk into that game with a compromised offensive line, they’ll be lucky to escape with an uncompromised quarterback.