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Packers Week 1 GIF Recap: the Mike Daniels Show vs Seahawks

The Packers beat the Seahawks! Let’s react to the game with animated gifs.

Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

As mentioned in the Game Balls article last night, Mike Daniels was a force to be reckoned with and spent most of the game in Seattle’s backfield. To sum the entire game up with one gif:

However, the game was slightly more complex than that, so I’ll start from the beginning. The opening kickoff is returned by Tyler Lockett for 43 yards. The immediate feelings among Packer fans are that this will be a long game. Where’d I put my anxiety meds? (gif provided by Dusty Evely)

After a quick stop of the Seattle offense and a punt, the Packers offense appears to be rolling. But sadly Rodgers throws what could have been his 2nd career pick-6. A penalty occurs. The INT stands, but the points are off the board.

The rest of the first half is a defensive slugfest. The Packers never start with good field position and both teams’ punters get lots of work.

The first half ends with the Packers calling timeouts that allow the Seahawks to march down the field and get into field goal range.

The second half begins with a Packers 3-and-out.

But then MIKE DANIELS FORCES A FUMBLE ON THE SEAHAWKS’ 6 YARD LINE. Ty Montgomery parlays the turnover into 6 points.

The Seahawks answer with a 6 minute drive that ends in a field goal. The final set of downs starts on the Packers 3 yard line, but the defense does not give up an inch.

The Packers answer with a 32 yard bomb to Jordy Nelson after Aaron Rodgers notices 12 defenders on the field.

Both teams trade field goals as the Packers do their best to chew clock. With each passing minute and new set of downs, the tension eases. With 6 minutes left in the game, the Packers find their 8 point lead to be cozy.

Time expires and the Green Bay Packers are 1-0! The defense held tough and didn’t give up a single touchdown. Ted Thompson was likely impressed. Great game, everyone.