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Cheese Curds, 9/19: Packers must get healthy & adjust personnel to regroup from week 2 loss

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Thankfully, the Packers suffered no major injuries in Atlanta, and should have some key players back by Sunday.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons Green Bay Press Gazette-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers had some problems exposed against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, but one of the most critical factors in the game was the team’s inability to cope with a slew of injuries to key players. “Next man up” is a fine mantra and one that must be adhered to, but when a team is missing its second, third, fifth, and eighth-best players (based on our preseason Top 90 ranking) plus a few other key contributors, nothing is likely to go just right.

Still, the Packers’ secondary was fully intact on Sunday — unlike in the last meeting against the Falcons — and they were beaten thoroughly throughout the first half of the game. They made adjustments in the second half, swapping in different personnel and seeing Atlanta focus more on the running game to kill the clock, but ultimately the coaching staff learned a lot about a handful of young players on the roster this week.

As you’ll see in today’s curds, the keys to moving forward will be to get those injured players back on the field and to take the solid play of a pair of rookies and begin building around them.

Packers' injury issues still need to be sorted out |
Thankfully, none of the injuries suffered in Sunday night's appear to be season ending, but a handful of them will still put players' statuses in question for the upcoming game against the Bengals.

Aaron Rodgers laments two game-changing turnovers in Atlanta | Packers Wire
Rodgers said that he gave away 14 points on his turnovers, and since the team lost by 11, he is taking a huge part of the blame for the loss.

Green Bay Packers rookie corner Kevin King in line for more work - ESPN
It was plan for anyone watching the game to see that Kevin King was the best-looking cornerback on the field on Sunday, and the Packers' coaching staff apparently agrees. Look for him to match up with A.J. Green on occasion in the next game.

Four Downs: Packers lack quick-strike threat on offense |
First up is the fact that the Packers don't seem to have a true deep threat right now; secondly, the officials being unprepared for the Packers' hurry-up offense (particularly when Aaron Rodgers tries to catch opponents in a personnel change) makes them look terrible at their jobs.

Matthew Stafford, Lions breeze by struggling Giants -
Detroit moved to 2-0 last night with a dominating victory over a hapless Giants offense.

Week 2 Quick Reads | Football Outsiders
Brett Favre has thrown the second-most passes while being down one score in the final two minutes of the game, looking at games going back to 1994, behind only Phillip Rivers. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers is all the way back in 24th place.