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Packers release QB Taysom Hill, move forward with a two-QB unit

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Green Bay chooses to go with just Aaron Rodgers and Brett Hundley at the position...for now.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

As the Green Bay Packers get closer and closer to revealing the final 53-man roster for week one, they have decided to go with a group of just two quarterbacks.

According to several sources, preseason star Taysom Hill has been released from the squad after several strong performances. The move was reported about two hours after the Packers reportedly decided to part ways with fellow competing quarterback Joe Callahan. While both quarterbacks will have to clear waivers for Green Bay to add one to their practice squad, there is reason to believe Hill will have the best chance of the two. Whether or not Hill will be available for a spot on the practice squad is a gamble the Packers seemed willing to take in the end, despite losing Callahan to the New Orleans Saints in a similar position early last season.

Many members of the media felt Hill may have earned a roster spot over the course of training camp, with Brett Hundley’s future in Green Bay up in the air over the next two seasons. While Hill’s age - 27 - works against him, Green Bay is looking for another long-term backup quarterback to groom behind Aaron Rodgers. The fact that Hundley, though he has improved within the Packers’ system, has not yet proven his worth as a starting quarterback in the NFL only added to the case to keep either Hill or Callahan on the active roster.

Hill’s release is a mild surprise, but it may be the first of more surprises in the cutdown.

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