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Hottest Take of the Week: Packers vs Falcons 2017

A look at the scorching takes resulting from the Packers’ loss to the Atlanta Falcons

The regular season debut of Hottest Take of the Week is here. Technical difficulties curtailed last week’s video, but week 1 takes are briefly addressed. Spoiler: T.J. Watt and Kevin King are heavily involved.

The first take involves an accusation of Mike Daniels receiving too much praise following his monster game against the Seahawks. Most Packer fans will say that’s impossible, but certain concessions are made. However, we got to see just what the Packers’ defense looked like without Daniels when they played the Falcons, so let’s not underestimate his impact on the unit.

The hottest take, however, belongs to a collective of Packer fans who are unhappy with how week 2 played out...and they had something to say about the next 14.

Oh, and we have a brief discussion of Martellus Bennett’s phantom OPI penalty and the so-called fumble return for a score.

How accurate were the takes? Are they real scorchers or do you think they’re ice cold? Comment below!