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Packers-Bengals Week 3 Gif Recap: Cardiac Pack Returns

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Packers win a nail-biter and the GIFs keep on coming.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers’ game against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 3 began in a very similar way to the Packers’ last game...the opposing team marched down the field and scored with relative ease. Has this GIF been used before?

A pass interference penalty and a handful of passes put the Packers on the board within two minutes. Feels like we’ve seen this before, as well.

On Cincinnati's next drive, intriguing rookie Josh Jones gets a sack on third down.

The Packers reward Jones’ efforts with a 3-and-out. Cincinnati scores on their next drive.

Three plays later, Aaron Rodgers throws the second pick-6 of his career.

The next drive ends in a 4th and 17.

The Packers get a stop, then they go 3-and-out, then the Bengals go 3-and-out, then the Packers fail to make something happen before the end of the half. The score is 21-7. Bengals’ win percentage is 86.4%.

The 2nd half begins with a Packers TD on the opening drive! The tides may have turned.

The New/Used Packer Ahmad Brooks gets a sack on 3rd down of the resulting Bengals’ possession.

But the Packers do nothing when they get the ball back. This is a roller-coaster for the fans.

AND THEN IN COMES ROOKIE SENSATION JOSH JONES AGAIN FOR ANOTHER 3RD DOWN SACK! Rodgers will get the ball back. Go ahead and flex on ‘em, rook.

Both teams trade field goals. The score is 24-17 and there is 3:46 left in the game when the Packers get the ball. The Bengals’ win percentage is 80%.

After a lengthy drive (including a great catch by Geronimo Allison), Aaron Rodgers THREADS THE NEEDLE to hit Jordy Nelson in the end zone as he dead-legs a catch. THIS GAME IS ALL TIED UP!

Overtime...aaaand the Packers lose the coin toss. There’s very little optimism in the air.

But on first down, Blake Martinez blows up the play and tackles Joe Mixon for a two yard loss.

On 3rd and 10, Aaron Rodgers catches Michael Johnson offsides and heaves a bomb to Geronimo Allison! Geronimo puts on a clinic and shakes Adam Jones right out of his cleats. He takes it all the way to the 7 yard line.

Crosby kicks a 27 yard field goal and the Packers squeak by 27-24. The injury-depleted defense held up well in the second half and Aaron Rodgers did Aaron Rodgers things. But the biggest take away from the game? There’s a new hype train in town.