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Cheese Curds, 7/29: After win over Bears, the Packers look forward to mini-bye

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As the Packers nurse a multitude of injuries, they can take a few extra days to heal up.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday Night Football is brutal. Playing games on just three days’ rest is difficult on NFL players, as their bodies are unable to fully recover from the pounding that they take the week prior. Last night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears, in particular, was an example of that as the Packers saw player after player leave the field due to injury.

The injuries in the game combine with the ones that already were affecting the roster and starting lineup before the game to make for a difficult week ahead. Thankfully, the silver lining to playing on Thursday is that the team gets an extra three days of rest before their next game, and the Packers will almost certainly put that to good use before their week five contest in Dallas.

Hopefully the team will be able to get a few of their inside linebackers back, and hope remains that the additional time off will be enough for tackles David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga to return to the field. Mike Daniels also must be itching to get back on the field, and he will be needed against the Cowboys’ rushing attack.

In today’s Curds, we look back at the win on Thursday night over the Bears, which gives the Packers the all-time series lead over Chicago.

Packers discover more depth on offensive line |
Suddenly, the Packers appear to have a feasible option at left tackle in Lane Taylor, and they got a solid performance from Lucas Patrick on the interior as well.

Clay Matthews' record-breaking sack propels Packers' defense |
Matthews' strip-sack of Mike Glennon happened on the first defensive snap and set the tone immediately, as the Packers forced four turnovers on the night.

What we learned: Rodgers, Packers dominate Bears -
Matthews gets credit here as well for his big play and a solid overall game, and it looks like he is rejuvenated to start this season. It's amazing what good health can do, isn't it?

5 quick takeaways from Packers’ blowout win over Bears | Packers Wire
The Packers started the game using more base defense and traditional nickel defenses than usual last night, selling out to stop the Bears' rushing attack. It worked, as the Bears averaged fewer than two yards per carry before halftime.

NFL should use its new rule to suspend Bears' Danny Trevathan for hit - ESPN
This offseason, the NFL added a rule that allowed first-time offenders to be suspended or ejected for a hit that is deemed "catastrophic" or "flagrant." Trevathan's hit on Adams certainly appears to qualify, so the league will hopefully take action even though the Bears linebacker was not ejected from the game.

Tony Romo said the Packers would run a bootleg on 4th and 1. That’s exactly what they did. -
This was Romo's most impressive call in either of the two Packers games he has called in the last five days.

Bears should have been penalized for roughing Packers punter Justin Vogel -
How in the hell could the refs get this call so wrong? No Bears player was within a few feet of the football to tip it. Unfortunately, the Packers didn't have any timeouts left so they could not challenge the play.