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NFL Practice Squad 2017 rules refresher - Packers begin building squad on Sunday

The Packers begin to assemble their squad on Sunday. Here's how they'll do so.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Practice Green Bay Press Gazette-USA TODAY NETWORK

Now that the cut down to 53 is behind us, NFL teams will begin establishing their practice squads. Like anything else, the league has rigid rules established by the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFLPA explaining how this can be done.

At 12 Noon Eastern time, waivers will clear. Players claimed by a team must be added to that teams 53 man roster. Any player who does not receive a claim then "clears" waivers and becomes a free agent.

After 1 PM Eastern, teams can then extend offers to free agents to join practice squads. Each squad is limited to 10 players. However, only players who are under certain experience thresholds are eligible for the practice squad.

Here's a reminder on the rules for the 2017 season.

Practice Squad Eligibility

Standard eligibility

  • No more than 2 accrued seasons of NFL experience (an accrued season is defined as 6 or more games on a 53 man roster, PUP, or injured reserve in a single year)
  • No more than 3 seasons on an NFL practice squad (also defined as six games in a single year)

Veteran Eligibility

  • Up to four players on a practice squad may be "veteran" players, meaning they may have two accrued seasons of NFL experience.
  • This means that any player from the 2015, 2016, or 2017 Draft classes is eligible.

Other rules

  • Players are paid a minimum of $7200 per week. Teams may negotiate with players for higher salaries if they so desire.
  • Players on any practice squad may be signed by any NFL team to its 53 man roster, and are then guaranteed 3 weeks pay at the league minimum salary.
  • A team may not sign a player from its next opponent's practice squad less than six days before the upcoming game.

The Packers will certainly hope that players like QB Taysom Hill and some of their released wide receivers pass through waivers unclaimed so they can return onto the team's practice squad. Stay tuned throughout Sunday as we follow along with the Packers' transactions and reports.