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Waiver Claim Sunday Recap: Packers’ Sunday in GIF form

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Today’s crazy claims and trades are summed up in animated image format.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Jim Matthews-USA TODAY Sports

Today was quite hectic for the Green Bay Packers’ front office and, by proxy, the fans. What better way is there to sum up the day’s events than with a GIF recap? Here we go.

Waiver claims were finalized at 1pm ET. Before the events began, fans were waiting “patiently”.

The first move was made by the Saints when they signed QB Taysom Hill. Fans were...less than ecstatic.

The Cowboys then claimed DT Brian Price.

But wait! There are signs of life! The Packers claimed EDGE defender Chris Odom from Atlanta!

We all had to do some googling. A short search would land you on Odom’s highlights vs Jacksonville, which had us intrigued.

This was followed by news that Reggie Gilbert had cleared waivers and would be once again on the Packers’ practice squad. He even turned down three other offers. Nice!

But then...tragedy. Green Bay’s resident Canadian, Geoff Gray, packed his bags and signed with the New York Jets.

However, 6th round pick OL Kofi Amichia stayed home!

Overall, it’s been a pretty even day. Some ups and downs, but nothing too cra..HOLD ON JAYRONE ELLIOTT GOT TRADED TO THE COWBOYS?!


Well, it certainly has been a day. We all just need to take a breath and maybe a sip of water.